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“Skating Rink” on Hockey Day in Canada


Hockey fans, (that is David in net!) the seventh annual Hockey Day in Canada, a CBC TV special, is on this Saturday, January the 13th. This is an all-day celebration of Canada’s great game. Nelson, B.C. is ‘home’ for Hockey Day in Canada this year.

Headlining the 13 hours of hockey is an all-Canadian tripleheader – starting with Montreal at Ottawa, followed by Vancouver at Toronto, and Edmonton at Calgary.

David’s song, “Skating Rink” (Listen to Skating Rink MP3) was chosen as the official theme song for HDIC! (CBC Sports)You may have heard it as part of the ad for the broadcast and viewers can look for a montage at around 10:00 pm Eastern Time on the 13th with “Skating Rink” playing in the background. David is a huge hockey fan. Check out the Hockey Page for more on David and hockey! Let us know if you catch his song!


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David Francey on YouTube!

Well, yesterday I got a Google Alert (oh yes, we are high tech here!) that said:

David Francey – Torn Screen Door
By Thermochronic(Thermochronic)
In the first installment of my music club (stolen shamlessly from the good folks at Crooks and Liars) I’d like to introduce you to David Francey, a Canadian folksinger who has put out some of the best albums I have listened to in the
Apparent Dip – 

So of course I checked it out. And there was a very nice blog about David by a geologist, along with a video. Because we are on dial up I can only see bits of it at a time. But I soon realized this was David (with musicians Dave Clarke and Geoff Somers) singing Milltowns, taken from a Global TV special that David was part of. The Global Special “Thought I heard a Red-winged Blackbird” won a Gold Remi Award at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival the special was aired across Canada a few years back. (can you spot Colin and I in the crowd?)

Apparently this video has been watched 57 times. There are other videos from the same special on YouTube. They must have been filmed off the TV because you can see the little Global logo on the bottom left. I was astounded to see these, is this legal? Kind of fun and strange to watch David in this format. I have to add that David was suffering from the onset of a throat infection so was not displaying his best vocal form (laryingitis will do that to you!) So those of you watching these videos who haven’t seen David perform, I want you to know he actually has a lot of power to his voice when he sings! 

According to Macleans Magazine YouTube is “– an Internet site used primarily for the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material and minute-long clips of people singing karaoke in their basements. ” Time Magazine says “… YouTube [is] still unproven—it has never made much money, and it could be crushed by lawsuits from content creators whose material shows up on the site without permission” Hmmm…should I be posting this? Sorry Global people! Should they get compensation? Should we?

I suppose this means David is famous now. I guess it will soon be time to hire someone to do all my work and he and I will go travelling until he has to make his next youtube appearance!

Below is David, Dave Clarke and Geoff Somers singing Torn Screen Door, which, according to youtube has been watched 227 times! Now why hasn’t anyone written to let me know? This one is protected (hmm??), so click on it to go to YouTube and see what 277 people got to see.


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New David Francey CD

David is in the studio recording his seventh CD! This will be his first all-original wdfrecsmpdd.jpgork since he recorded Waking Hour in Nashville in 2004. We are very excited about this new album, recorded in Almonte at Signal Path Studio with musicians Craig Werth, Shane Simpson, Geoff Somers and Kathryn Briggs. David has been playing some of the songs off this CD in concert (Under the Portland Weather, Ballad of Bowser McCrae and All Lights, to name a few) and people have been hounding David to record them. Well, here they come along with 11 other great tunes. Available this February, we will be sure to let you know when it is done!

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