“Skating Rink” on Hockey Day in Canada


Hockey fans, (that is David in net!) the seventh annual Hockey Day in Canada, a CBC TV special, is on this Saturday, January the 13th. This is an all-day celebration of Canada’s great game. Nelson, B.C. is ‘home’ for Hockey Day in Canada this year.

Headlining the 13 hours of hockey is an all-Canadian tripleheader – starting with Montreal at Ottawa, followed by Vancouver at Toronto, and Edmonton at Calgary.

David’s song, “Skating Rink” (Listen to Skating Rink MP3) was chosen as the official theme song for HDIC! (CBC Sports)You may have heard it as part of the ad for the broadcast and viewers can look for a montage at around 10:00 pm Eastern Time on the 13th with “Skating Rink” playing in the background. David is a huge hockey fan. Check out the Hockey Page for more on David and hockey! Let us know if you catch his song!



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5 responses to ““Skating Rink” on Hockey Day in Canada

  1. alan

    hi, heard your work on the Australian radio program “The Music Show” with Andrew Ford and have since bought a couple of your cds – really enjoying them and look forward to your next visit to Australia.
    Alan (ex Ayrshire boy)

  2. Lawrence

    Just saw the montage on TV. It was really moving, seeing all those clips accompanied by the music. Especially when there was a clip of Sundin during his ovation in the Canucks-Leafs game.

  3. i’ll be linking to this page when i post on my hockey blog. i’d also like to figure out how to throw down the actual mp3 on my blogpost but right now it’s linked and should get posted tomorrow.
    i love this tune by the way.

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  5. I watched the opening montage during this year’s HDIC(which was broadcast in the USA on NHL Network) and I must say that I’m impressed with it! It truly captures the spirit of hockey, which is Canada’s obsession and passion. (Here in the USA, it has to compete with college sports, which is especially an obsession in itself down South!)

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