New David Francey CD!

David and Mike at St. Lambert Locks

David and good friend Mike Ford (of Moxy Fruvous fame) recorded a lively selection of songs inspired by their trip on the Saint Lawrence Seaway aboard the M.V. Algoville.

“In late May of 2005 we were granted the incredible opportunity to spend two weeks aboard the MV Algoville. The captain and crew of this 750-foot bulk carrier of the Algoma Central Laker fleet allowed us to witness life onboard first-hand. We sailed from Montreal to Thunder Bay and back along the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the majestic inland sea of the Great Lakes. We are indebted to Algoma Central Marine and all those on board the Algoville, who made this trip possible. It is to that hard-working crew that we dedicate these songs.” ~ David Francey and Mike Ford ~introducton to “SEAWAY”

SEAWAY is now available on the Laker Music label at


David and Mike at St. Lambert Locks


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2 responses to “New David Francey CD!

  1. RG

    Greetings from down New Mexico Way,

    I just bought your Itunes CD called “Folk Alley, The first Set” and I Have to say its was absolutely a revelation and worth my entire morning. I left for work with a big smile on my face and on going list of people who would be worthy to show your work to. It was like having a magic bard ride in my pocket and I was deciding who would most need or enjoy be shown it. So do not be surprised if you do eventually get more fans from down in the Southwestern US. I will be looking at your other music as well, but I really enjoyed your stories that were included at the live performance. you capture the powerful poignance of everyday experiences and rightly present them with the sense of Uniqueness and power that each instance has for the person painted in your scenes without unnecessarily gilding the lilly. I would love to have known your mother as she sounded naturally full of poetic sayings. ” I have committed to memory her saying to you about marrying your wife beth. “A sheep is a lamb.” that story still makes me shake my head. Your humanity infused stage humor and story telling is utterly charming. I have an opera singing and music loving music teacher mother and sound engineer /drummer Brother that loved to share his own musical finds so I have started my compulsory music education at about 4 years old. I have a huge collection of CD and Vinyl albums, from all genres of music and yet that is not typical of my entire approach to life. I dress in T-shirts and Jeans but I have a lot of money in books and Music and I am so glad I found you, other wise I would have felt my collection was missing a really rich and inspiring artist. I look forward to finding more of your work and sharing it with others. The money spent was the best bit of coin I have traded in a while It was a great, warm musical morning.

    Cheers and continued success,
    Rob G

  2. Nicole Filiatrault

    I’ve downloaded Seaway from iTunes and it’s one of my faves – so very evocative of what I’ve pictured life to be like on the Great Lakes. Did you know that Great Lakes United has organized the Great Lakes Tall Ships Challenge – more than 11 tall ships racing to save the lakes…

    Love the music!

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