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The Broken Heart of Everything 2018 Release

DavidFrancey-BrokenHeartcoverDavid Francey’s new album showcases his extraordinary skill as a lyricist. His so-good-they-could-be-traditional melodies, and themes of the camaraderie of small-town life, the drudgery of the daily grind, the pride in an honest day’s work, the sadness of losing loved ones, the joy of close family connections, and the quiet strength of mature love have struck a chord with audiences around the world.

“Come Sunday” is a song about the tragic death of Tim Annesley, who played hockey with David on his Sunday night team in the Eastern Townships in the late ‘90s.  It is both a touching account of the emptiness a community feels when one of its own is taken without warning and a celebration of small-town hockey culture – a topic David also feted on the Juno-winning Skating Rink.

“Blue Sorrow and Then Some” is a tribute to Hank Williams –  inspired by a teenage memory of playing Hank’s “Greatest Hits” endlessly after salvaging the record from his aunt’s junk pile. Ivan Rosenberg’s dobro and John Showman’s sweet violin give the song a classic country flavor without departing from David’s trademark acoustic folk sound.

“Only Love”, featuring fiddle player James McKie, is the kind of song that stirs up good-natured envy in other songwriters, for few can take as common a muse as love, write verses comprised of little more than metaphors, and end up with a powerful, moving piece, totally free of clichés, about the only thing in life that really matters.  It’s the sort of heartfelt song with a stick-in-your-head chorus that has won David fans in everyone from John-Angus MacDonald of the Trews to Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada. Lyrics from “Only Love” lend themselves to the title of this album.

“I Know It Won’t” was written in a hotel room in Grande Prairie about the exasperation of an artist who has been on the road too long. It is the kind of song about working life on which David has built his reputation.  Having long ago traded his tool belt for the touring life, David now brings the same rawness and sincerity to the realities of a working artist as he has to those of being a lake boat captain, a miner, or a farmer.

David recorded the songs with his long-time band-mates Mark Westberg (guitar), Chris Coole (banjo), and Darren McMullen (mandolin, etc.) at Coole’s family cabin on Belmont Lake, a rustic setting that gives the album its intimate sound. David’s delivery is soft, smooth and emotive, a beautiful, gentle timbre.

Available from Laker Music April 20th

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New David Francey CD, “Late Edition”

David has just released his much-anticipated 9th CD, Late Edition.
Recorded in Nashville with pal and producer, Kieran Kane. this CD is already picking up steam!
“Late Edition” is David’s first solo release since the 2007 Juno-winning album “Right of Passage.” The album was recorded in Nashville, and David is joined by good friends Kieran Kane (“The O’Kanes”, wrote Alan Jackson’s hit “I’ll Go On Loving You”) and Fats Kaplin (accompanied Mark Knopfler, Nanci Griffith, Garth Brooks) — both also appear on David’s fourth CD, “Waking Hour.”  Also joining them is Richard Bennett (Mark Knopfler’s guitar player since 1994, played and recorded with many pop and rock greats) and drummer Lucas Kane.
David will be following up with a three-month Canadian tour this fall.

Late Edition” is like spending a perfect evening passing the time with a good old friend and a few glasses of a fine single malt, discussing love, the latest news, and life in general.”  Les Siemieniuk.Penguin Eggs Magazine

Watch David, Chris Coole and Mark Westberg play “Solitary Wave” from “Late Edition”

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New David Francey CD!

David and Mike at St. Lambert Locks

David and good friend Mike Ford (of Moxy Fruvous fame) recorded a lively selection of songs inspired by their trip on the Saint Lawrence Seaway aboard the M.V. Algoville.

“In late May of 2005 we were granted the incredible opportunity to spend two weeks aboard the MV Algoville. The captain and crew of this 750-foot bulk carrier of the Algoma Central Laker fleet allowed us to witness life onboard first-hand. We sailed from Montreal to Thunder Bay and back along the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the majestic inland sea of the Great Lakes. We are indebted to Algoma Central Marine and all those on board the Algoville, who made this trip possible. It is to that hard-working crew that we dedicate these songs.” ~ David Francey and Mike Ford ~introducton to “SEAWAY”

SEAWAY is now available on the Laker Music label at


David and Mike at St. Lambert Locks


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Francey wins a JUNO for Right of Passage!

Calgary, April 5th 2008 – David Francey won his third JUNO in the Roots and Traditional – Solo category. He is absolutely thrilled to win the award, it is every bit as exciting as receiving his first JUNO for Far End of Summer. This honour means a great deal to David as this category is judged by his peers. In just six years David has had 4 JUNO nominations and won 3 JUNOs! Wow!

If you’d like to hear David’s acceptance speech just watch this video taken by Beth (who was also very pleased to be at the ceremonies in Calgary!)

David took part in the 5th annual JUNO cup while he was in Calgary playing on the NHL team as their goalie – also a thrill!

Last, but not least, David was part of the first ever presentation of classical music at JUNOfest. David was honoured to narrate for JUNO nominee, cellist Matt Haimovitz for his performance of “After Reading Shakespear”


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David Francey’s new CD is here!


Right of passage is David Francey’s much anticipated, all new, all original material CD. The first since Waking Hour in 2004. An exquisite new CD!

Join us for the CD release party at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, March 2 and 3

Right of Passage is an intimate recording of thirteen original David Francey songs, backed by a stellar cast of musicians. Craig Werth, Geoff Somers, Shane Simpson and Julia Davie joined David at Signal Path Studio in the beautiful town of Almonte, Ontario. The time spent in the studio was joyful. The sessions were filled with excitement as the new songs were captured one by one.
Right of Passage reflects the passion and emotion with which David views his world – a world where he and his pal “laughed [their] words in steady streams”, where he dreamt of his wife while sitting “under a sky of hodden grey” and where a smile “filled the emptiness”.
We are very proud that Right of Passage is truly home-made. The songs and music are by David. Many of the practices took place in our home. The recording was done less than an hour from our home. Our daughter Julia is singing harmony on two songs. Our daughter Amy did a beautiful job on the artwork for the CD. Our son Colin was extremely patient through the whole process. Many of the photos are by David or myself (Beth)…and the CD is on our label, Laker Music, run out of our home! How’s that for an indie label! Made in Canada!

You can order your copy directly from us online at Laker Music. Liner notes and more available for Right of Passage


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New David Francey CD

David is in the studio recording his seventh CD! This will be his first all-original wdfrecsmpdd.jpgork since he recorded Waking Hour in Nashville in 2004. We are very excited about this new album, recorded in Almonte at Signal Path Studio with musicians Craig Werth, Shane Simpson, Geoff Somers and Kathryn Briggs. David has been playing some of the songs off this CD in concert (Under the Portland Weather, Ballad of Bowser McCrae and All Lights, to name a few) and people have been hounding David to record them. Well, here they come along with 11 other great tunes. Available this February, we will be sure to let you know when it is done!

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The Rankins record “Sunday Morning”

The Rankin Family returns to the concert stage in 2007 in their first cross-Canada, 22-city tour in over eight years. David’s song “Sunday Morning” off his CD “Waking Hour” is on their new CD, “Reunion” and was put out as a single.

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