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Francey wins a JUNO for Right of Passage!

Calgary, April 5th 2008 – David Francey won his third JUNO in the Roots and Traditional – Solo category. He is absolutely thrilled to win the award, it is every bit as exciting as receiving his first JUNO for Far End of Summer. This honour means a great deal to David as this category is judged by his peers. In just six years David has had 4 JUNO nominations and won 3 JUNOs! Wow!

If you’d like to hear David’s acceptance speech just watch this video taken by Beth (who was also very pleased to be at the ceremonies in Calgary!)

David took part in the 5th annual JUNO cup while he was in Calgary playing on the NHL team as their goalie – also a thrill!

Last, but not least, David was part of the first ever presentation of classical music at JUNOfest. David was honoured to narrate for JUNO nominee, cellist Matt Haimovitz for his performance of “After Reading Shakespear”


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David Francey’s CD “Right of Passage” nominated for 2008 JUNO!

Right of Passage has garnered much praise since its release and now has been recognized with a 2008 JUNO nomination. This will be two time JUNO winner, David Francey’s fourth nomination in just six years. David is thrilled to be considered by his peers for the 2008 awards. For a list of nominees check out the JUNO web site.

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Francey wins Canadian Folk Music Award!

We are pleased to announce that on December 1st 2007 that David Francey received a Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Singer – Contemporary. David is honoured to be chosen by his peers for this award. For more on the evening check out Awards Night


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Francey is nominated for three Canadian Folk Music Awards

Just announced – David Francey is up for three Canadian Folk Music Awards for his CD, Right of Passage, in the following categories. (Way to go David!)

Best Album-Contemporary
Best Singer-Contemporary
Best Songwriter-English

The awards will take place on Saturday, December 1 at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Québec Canada

for more information on the Canadian Folk Music Awards, check out their site at

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David Francey’s new CD is here!


Right of passage is David Francey’s much anticipated, all new, all original material CD. The first since Waking Hour in 2004. An exquisite new CD!

Join us for the CD release party at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, March 2 and 3

Right of Passage is an intimate recording of thirteen original David Francey songs, backed by a stellar cast of musicians. Craig Werth, Geoff Somers, Shane Simpson and Julia Davie joined David at Signal Path Studio in the beautiful town of Almonte, Ontario. The time spent in the studio was joyful. The sessions were filled with excitement as the new songs were captured one by one.
Right of Passage reflects the passion and emotion with which David views his world – a world where he and his pal “laughed [their] words in steady streams”, where he dreamt of his wife while sitting “under a sky of hodden grey” and where a smile “filled the emptiness”.
We are very proud that Right of Passage is truly home-made. The songs and music are by David. Many of the practices took place in our home. The recording was done less than an hour from our home. Our daughter Julia is singing harmony on two songs. Our daughter Amy did a beautiful job on the artwork for the CD. Our son Colin was extremely patient through the whole process. Many of the photos are by David or myself (Beth)…and the CD is on our label, Laker Music, run out of our home! How’s that for an indie label! Made in Canada!

You can order your copy directly from us online at Laker Music. Liner notes and more available for Right of Passage


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